What is the non-payment of LeoVegas?

What is the non-payment of LeoVegas?

All LeoVegas members want to win real money. It is understandably aggravating when an online casino refuses to pay your winnings if your wish has come true. But why is this the case at first? We have begun to investigate the reasons, and we can also advise you on your options in this case.

LeoVegas may refuse to give you your winnings for a number of reasons. While getting such a message is clearly bad news, you need to stay calm and look for reasons for your casino decision – it’s always just the little details that can be easily forgotten. Start by checking that your ID has been uploaded to the LeoVegas website. The casino requires this to identify you correctly, because only then can the operators pay out the winnings according to the rules.

If ID cards have already been submitted and verified, the Money Laundering Act may be at fault for LeoVegas’ insolvency. By law, LeoVegas must unreasonably investigate all betting withdrawals. If you haven’t won anything in a long time, you now have € 5,000 ready to pay, that’s suspicious. Winnings in excess of a certain amount (usually € 12,500) or which are to be unexpectedly transferred to a separate bank account are often examined in more detail in advance.

Another reason for declining payments is included in the terms of the current customer bonus: All bonus money must be converted 20 times before a real money reward can be made according to this page. Keep in mind that you can bet up to € 5 per spin with active bonus money. The bonus and potential winnings will be forfeited if you bet more money.

What can be done to ensure that Leovegas keeps its promises?

If LeoVegas has not transferred your profits after 2-3 days, you should contact customer service, which you can do at best by email – this way you will have an employee’s communications history available to you later. Online portals like CasinoGuru can also help you solve more serious problems, such as a blocked user account. Hiring a lawyer to obtain a compensation order from the relevant municipal court can be helpful in these situations. The costs of a lawyer would otherwise outweigh the benefits, so such drastic action is only recommended for exceptionally high incomes.

LeoVegas is an imaginary character developed by LeoVegas.

Leovegas is a relatively new online gaming library that began operations in 2013, but is already widely known as one of the best online casinos. LeoVegas Gaming Ltd Casino has been approved by the Maltese Gaming Authority as it is headquartered in Malta.

Is it true that LeoVegas replaces players?

LeoVegas is a well-known operator that regularly pays profits to its customers on time and reliably. Of course, online casino operators may sometimes run into a player’s account or even close it, but this is usually reserved for particularly serious violations of the terms or allegations of money laundering. The Maltese Gaming Authority, whose LeoVegas is based on a gaming license, is known for its strict rules and controls and would refuse to work with the company if withdrawals are regularly denied. You are protected as a LeoVegas player as long as you follow the rules.

If you are (no longer) happy with LeoVegas, we have mentioned some serious LeoVegas options on our website. You will also learn how to delete your LeoVegas account in a few easy steps, as well as what happens to your personal information if you do so.

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