Poker Cruises

What is a Poker Cruise?

In most poker cruises, vacation poker players get to visit many exotic outlets as well as experience all the fun and excitement of some of the world’s largest and most modern, amenity-filled cruise ships. In addition, they get their vacation experience topped by the opportunity to play poker on board as they wish. So you can be handed out on felt anywhere from the Caribbean to Alaska to Dubai to New Zealand and much more!

As much as we can write about poker cruises, there is nothing but hearing from them directly from the founders of the company. Watch our exclusive interview with Poker Hall of Famer Linda and Women at Poker Hall of Famer Jan Fisher.

What is to be expected?

Depending on the size of the booking group, your poker cruise can be anywhere from 10 to 50 action tables. The poker room is operational throughout your cruise, except during dinner and when the ship is docked at the port.

At sea, of course, you will find poker players of all skill levels (fish, sharks and whales). In general, however, most people will be recreational players with you in the poker room. Beginners are welcome to attend free poker classes while more experienced players are invited to free poker seminars to learn advanced tips and strategies.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular game on board and is distributed across a variety of borders. Of course, our knowledgeable and friendly traders are also happy to spread Omaha and other poker games on request. Finally, there is at least 1 multi-table poker tournament held on each poker cruise.