Making the Winning Hand in Poker

Making the Winning Hand in Poker

Do you like to know how to create a strong poker hand? Well, this poker advice is here to help. All the action in a live poker game starts when a player is dealt a hand. However, as you may already know, not all poker hands sold by the live dealer are playable.

This poker guide will thoroughly break down all poker hand fundamentals to give you a head start whenever you wish to play the game.

How is a poker hand formed? What is a poker hand?

Poker’s rules state that you must assemble a particular set of cards to win. As you’ll discover later, creating several hands typically requires ranking cards in a specific order and suit. Naturally, a hand gets stronger the more difficult it is to make. Furthermore, payouts for stronger hands are typically higher.

Having stated that, your preferred live casino will primarily offer 5-card poker variations. You’ll receive five cards for utilizing this game to create combos. The live dealer will then get their five cards and use them to form a hand. The more substantial hand ultimately wins the comparison between the two hands.

In addition, the 3-card version is available. The gameplay, in this instance, is somewhat reminiscent of 5-card poker. The main distinction is that players now receive three cards, making sure hands impossible.

There is also the 2-card variation, primarily Texas Hold’em. Players are dealt two cards for this game, and five community cards are in the middle of the table. Players can use any pair of the five community cards to form a winning combination.

Typical poker hand rankings

This section will learn the order of poker hands, starting with the strongest.

Roaring flush

The best live poker hand you can make is a royal flush. It entails producing five consecutive cards with the same suit. It typically includes a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. A hand of seven, eight, nine, and ten hearts plus a jack can also be made by players.

Direct flush

Except for the royal flush, you can occasionally make five consecutive cards of the same suit. You would then have achieved a straight flush. Only a royal flush or another high-ranking straight flush can beat this hand.

a set of four

This hand has four cards with comparable values and various suits, as the name would suggest. For instance, you might get four Aces of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs. In the event of a draw, the winning hand is then decided using the fifth card, or the “kicker.”

Whole House

A 5-card hand should have three cards of a similar value and two identical cards. However, the two and three of a kind should be from different suits. The hand with the strongest three-of-a-kind wins in a tie-breaking situation.


Players don’t have to worry about the order of the cards as long as they have five cards of the same suit to complete a flush. Thus, a hand consisting of 4, 8, 6, 7, and 2 Spades is a flush. However, the most substantial poker hand wins if more than one player has a color.


A straight is a group of five consecutive cards of a separate suit. An Ace can be a 1 or stand over the king in this situation.

a set of three

A poker hand with 3 cards of a similar rank but different suits is known as landing three of a kind. In the event of a tie, the remaining “kickers” are used to determine the victor.

Two sets

To make two pairs, poker players must obtain a hand with two pairs of cards. A two-pair hand, for instance, might consist of two 9s and two 8s. If there is a draw, the pair with the more significant value wins. And in the event of a tie, the kicker decides the game’s result.


Players must obtain a pair of cards with the same value but different suits in a pair of hands. The three kickers will choose the winner in descending order if two players have the same couple.

Low card

The hand with the highest total value, often known as “nothing,” wins. It is used if none of the winning combinations mentioned above occur. Once more, a comparison is made in reverse.


After reading this poker primer, it should be simpler to put together a firm hand. But before you go all-in, be aware that the rules for the Ace change according to the type of poker you’re playing. The card suits also have comparable strengths. Therefore, the game will complete in a tie if you and the dealer receive flushes with odd claims. Please give it a go!