Is it worth it to go on a poker cruise?

Is it worth it to go on a poker cruise?


If you like poker and enjoy going away on vacation, and provided the price is acceptable, then surely a poker cruise is worth it. But if that’s true, why not listen to poker cruises anymore? From a week island hopping in the Caribbean to a tour around the Norwegian coast and on to Denmark, there is something for everyone.

With rates starting at just over $ 100 per night, you can take a break for less than you would be charged in a typical hotel resort these days. Good food and room service are guaranteed to help you relax with many other activities to keep you busy when the mood takes you.

If you’ve never been on a cruise ship, you’ll be amazed at how much to do.


For those lightweights out there who can not handle poker sessions all day long, you can expect to find at least movie theaters, fitness centers, and swimming pools. If you have decided on a suitable climate, sunbathing is of course a popular choice. First organized in the 1990s, poker cruises rose in popularity enough to attract the attention of Party Poker, a major player around the turn of the millennium. They decided in 2002 to organize the biggest poker event of all time on a cruise ship, The PartyPoker Million.

The tournament hit the headlines when Kathy Liebert became the first player to win more than $ 1 million in a poker tournament. This success during the opening year of the World Poker Tour encouraged the WPT lead regular to organize poker cruise events that are still available today.

Who are Poker Cruises striving for?

The general perception is that most customers come as part of a group. Cruise operators continue to express how they guarantee a relaxed and fun environment with abuse that is in no way tolerated. Anyone who has played in a live game in a casino or card room, will have witnessed how players do not keep their temper in check. Pointy comments and sarcasm are a little too common. Stress-free playing conditions are attractive for beginners or online players who want to try live play for the first time. Some of you are probably thinking about simple picking now, and it could be true.

Online gamblers are usually quick to point out how they play in much harder games, and the idea of playing with holidaymakers who can only play live is an attractive proposition. Coupled with the fact that this is an environment in which some players can opt to drink as one-time, alcohol during the game. Anyone of you is confident that these games could pay for the cost of your vacation before you get out?

You should not be put off unless you have someone to travel with, maybe you have no poker friends or someone who is interested in spending a week on a cruise ship. Do some research yourself and you will find many reports that say how friendly the atmosphere is on board.

The legal age for gambling at sea is eighteen, three years less than in the US. This is a huge bonus for those who are itchy to test their skills in a live environment but are not yet old enough. A great opportunity for a group of teenagers to get away and celebrate for a week or two, with lots of poker thrown in. But I have to emphasize that the drinking age for us-based cruise companies is 21 years old.

What else is there to consider?

Poker cruise organizers will tell you how the majority of their customers will rebook with them each year. There seems to be good camaraderie among the players, with many groups arranging to be on the same cruise the following year, or even trying different goals together. Repeat business is the norm and it’s hard to find negative reviews. We should not forget that you are not limited to the ship for the entire holiday. There are scheduled stops in different ports, allowing you to get off for a place of sightseeing or shopping. If for whatever reason you feel like taking a break from all the poker, then you will be able to find plenty to help you take your mind off of it.

Since most travelers will be recreational players who are mainly concerned about enjoying their vacation, the stakes of poker games are usually quite modest. Obviously, if there is enough interest to spread a certain size game, then it can be made possible. Tournament buy-ins are usually under $ 200, with the occasional over $ 300. Maybe you have a partner and children to entertain. Children are well looked after, with special prices for many things. There is nothing to stop you from enjoying poker while the rest of your family is talking elsewhere on the ship. When the ship hangs up and poker comes to a halt, you can all get off together for some sightseeing.