How to Play Poker FAQ

How to Play Poker FAQ


How long does it take for someone to learn how to play poker from scratch?

It is a difficult question to fully answer. Strictly speaking, a good student should not need more than a week to learn the basic rules and gameplay of a game. However, it can take time and practice to become a skilled player. It’s true that the more you play, the better you get. If you’ve never played a card game before, it may take you longer to learn how to play poker than someone with more experience with other card games.

Is poker the same as toe-patti (three cards) in terms of strategy?

No, poker is not the same as teen-patti, despite the fact that there are many similarities between the two games. Teen-patti is a simplified version of poker that is much more advanced, complex and evolved. With five cards in poker you need to make a winning hand that is superior to that of a teenage patti. The concept of a community card elevates poker to a much more engaging and intellectual game than the traditional three-card game. In addition, poker requires a higher skill level than teen-patti, where luck plays an important role. However, if you are familiar with the game of teen patti, you will learn the rules of poker much faster.

Is poker a legal game?

Yes, playing poker at sites like Spartan Poker is legal in the United States. Spartan Poker complies with all applicable laws and regulations in the country, and all withdrawals are made net of applicable taxes. So get on board, learn to play poker and walk away with a truckload of cash in your pocket.

What is the VIP Club and how does it work?

The VIP Club is an exclusive group of poker enthusiasts who have the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards such as free tournament tickets, mobile phones, overseas vacations, luxury bikes and cars and other exciting prizes. To join this exclusive group all you need to do is register, but only at Spartan Poker. Once you’ve signed up, you can keep earning points and earn fantastic prizes. After you learn how to play poker, you have to keep playing and winning to join this exclusive club.

What exactly are freerolls in poker?

Freeroll poker tournaments are tournaments that we organize especially for players who are new to the game of poker and who are learning the basics of the game. You can participate in all freerolls without having to pay any money, and you still have a chance to win money and prizes. Freerolls are an excellent way to learn the game of poker, familiarize yourself with the interface and earn some money at the same time.