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What is a poker cruise?

A poker cruise is the same as a normal cruise, except that there is a way to play poker while at sea. We transform the conference room on the ship into a fully occupied professional poker room. The poker room is usually closed when in the harbor and during the early meal. You can choose to play as much or as little poker as you want. All regular board activities are available for your enjoyment, including all-you-can-eat free food and Broadway-style entertainment!  Check pariuricasino.ro.

Is it expensive to go into a poker cruise and what is included?

No, a poker cruise is not expensive! Some of our recent cruises had rates starting at less than $ 550 per person plus port fees. These include your cabin, food and all the cruise amenities offered, such as movies, trivia, a spa and fitness center, internet center, dance classes, sports activities, lectures, cooking classes, pool games, ping pong, shuffleboard, disco , roulette dozens system, nightly Las Vegas-style shows and many other activities to suit all interests. Most Royal Caribbean ships have climbing walls, ice skating rinks and mini-golf, and some even have surfriders, ziplines, carousels, Broadway theaters and aqua-theaters. The cost of your cruise includes access to our card room as well as features such as our welcome and farewell parties, seminars, etc., available only to passengers who have booked with us. There is really no cheaper way to travel.

Who goes on poker cruise?

The vast majority of passengers are recreational players who enjoy poker and a fun vacation. We had players on their honeymoon, celebrating anniversaries or birthdays, and even had family reunions aboard.

I'm not an experienced player - will I be intimidated by the poker room atmosphere, and will there be lessons and low-limit games for me?

The atmosphere in the poker room is very relaxed and jovial. Smoking is not allowed, and we have a strict policy of abuse, so everyone has a great time. A very friendly, professional staff is available to make sure you have a good time. All of our staff will be happy to help you in any way, so please do not hesitate to ask questions that you might have. We offer beginner lessons for spouses and friends who are not poker players, and a beginner for low-limit games only. The beginner game is very popular and a lot of fun additional info at liveroulette.com!

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